About Case Funding

Serving attorneys, law firms, plaintiffs and medical providers

Case Funding is a nationally-recognized legal financing company serving personal injury attorneys, plaintiffs and medical providers. We focus on helping law firms of all sizes—offering tailored loan programs for attorneys working on contingency. We also provide liquidity to medical providers working on LOPs, and we accommodate plaintiffs who need money for living and medical expenses.

Our law firm loans help firms leverage cash flow, grow their practices, and assist with trial costs. Hundreds of lawyers have relied on us to provide them the capital they need to maximize the value of their cases.

Thousands of personal injury victims have benefited from our cash advance, loan and medical funding programs.

Case Funding’s legal lending services are backed with more than 75 years of industry experience and a professional team of finance professionals and attorneys. Located in New York City and Reno, Nevada, Case Funding is part of Javlin Capital LLC, a specialty finance company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska providing the capital necessary for any size legal financing need.