Bayer is Bullish on Xarelto

New York – New York

Bayer is Bullish on Xarelto despite MDL’s growing in America according to this Reuters article. Claims were circulating that the drug maker was losing market share to Eliquis but the contrary is being claimed by Bayer. It actually raised its forecast of growth to 30 percent form 20.

All this growth forecast despite MDL’s in Louisiana and Pennsylvania. Xarelto was first advertised to the market as being a simple alternative to similar drugs already on the market. Claiming that less dietary restrictions and blood monitoring were required, once it hit the market Xarelto was linked to serious side effects. Those included gastrointestinal bleeding and about 65 death cases.1  The MDL is still very much in the beginning stages but many claimants and attorneys representing them are hopeful that a settlement will come in the next few years.

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