Infographic: AJOG Publishes 4 year Study on the Management of Complications Suffered by Patients with Synthetic Mesh

Case Funding provides medical funding for plaintiffs suffering from synthetic mesh complications. Our funding program can help uninsured plaintiffs afford medical evaluations, nonsurgical treatment and surgical treatment procedures to relieve complications caused by transvaginal mesh or synthetic sling implants. If you or someone you know is interested in medical funding for synthetic mesh and has a pending lawsuit against a synthetic mesh manufacturer, contact one of our Medical Funding specialists today at 800-543-4043.

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BP Updates for 2014: Second Oil Spill in Lake Michigan and DWH Settlement Recap

The claimant eligibility for the DWH settlement agreement reaches just under the $5 billion mark this month, meanwhile BP’s Indiana based Whiting Refinery leaks an estimated 1600 gallons of crude oil into Lake Michigan. BP said a malfunction in a … Continue reading

GM & NHTSA Under Fire: Federal Investigations, Class Actions, Immunity Questioned and Scope of Massive Recalls Revealed

Case Funding is following the General Motors Recalls as the full scope of the company's non-disclosure comes to light and Personal Injury attorneys launch class actions suits and attempt to challenge 'New GM's immunity to wrongful death claims. Continue reading Continue reading

TVM Update: $1.2M Awarded in Batiste v. Ethicon

The trial in the case of Linda Batiste v. Ethicon came to fruition on April 3, 2014 when a jury awarded Batiste $1.2 Million in compensatory damages.  The verdict ended a two and a half week trial that began on … Continue reading