The NFL Settlement Appeal and What it Means.

New York, New York – Case Funding a Division of Javlin Capital May 26, 2015

Many NFL retirees believed their long awaited settlements were in clear site, but now, the fog of appeal has obscured their vision. That fog is Craig and Dawn Heimburger, in the 23d hour before the settlement was finalized the couple appealed, likely, in an attempt to be able to receive more settlement money. It’s not that Heimburger won’t receive funds, it’s most likely the amount may not be enough in their eyes.

Heimburger who played in 13 games over 2-3 seasons would be eligible for a NFL settlement amount dependent on his diagnosis. According to the settlement details, offsets are in place for those who played fewer the five years.  Heimburger played in 13 total games but it’s difficult to tell what his offset percentages would be. He would only receive 50-60% of the full settlement amount compared to those who played in 5 seasons or more with the same qualified diagnosis.

The NFL settlement appeal which could take months to review and process, will delay the time frame for players to get their funds. While some players don’t require money right away, there are those who expected this money and will be struggling in the interim.

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