Yaz is in the news again with $56.9 million settlement.

Yaz, Yasmin or Ocella as it is commonly known in the United States was a popular prescription drug used for women’s birth control. It entered the world market around 2006 and took fire across the globe, reaching sales of 1.5 billion in 2010. It was marketed as “fix all” for women, with the ability to help women lose weight, cure acne, prevent pregnancy and curb premenstrual moodiness 1.

Yaz, unfortunately was not the cure all that many women had hoped for, and instead turned out to have serious complications. Side effects included dangerous blood clots, elevated levels of potassium which can lead to fatal abnormal heart rhythms and others serious issues. When side effects became a concern the FDA funded a study, which used the records of some 800,000 women to identify these complications. The study found that women taking YAZ had a 93% higher chance to have dangerous blood clots after taking the drug for only 3 months. After 7-12 months they were at 290% higher level than women taking other oral birth controls 2.

The evidence and class size against Bayer was mounting and after spending sometime in court it eventually settled in July of 2012. Bayer paid $402.6 million to settle roughly 1,977 cases, but some individuals opted out and were not part of the original class. Bayer, this past week has agreed to pay an additional $56.9 million to settle cases arising from Pennsylvania, California and New Jersey. Bayer will now have to wait and see how many of the eligible participants opt in for the settlement. As the settlement stipulated, Bayer has the right to refuse if the percent of opt-ins is below 97.5%.

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