What is Car Accident Pre-settlement Lawsuit Funding?

litigation financing Car Accident LawsuitTens of millions of Americans drive cars on thousands of miles of roads every day. Automobiles are a critical part of many people’s lives and businesses, and as such, they have taken their place at the center of American culture.

Due to the immense volume and widespread use of automobiles in the US, however, there is an enormous volume of car accidents every year. Millions of car accidents occur every year, with thousands of fatalities, as well as billions of dollars of property damage. It has, in fact, been postulated that somebody dies of a car accident every thirteen minutes.

What Can Be Done About Car Accidents?

Due to the enormous breadth and high volume of car accidents, car accident claims play a significant role in the legal industry. Encompassing everything from personal injury claims from bodily harm done in an accident, to property damage claims even when people aren’t hurt, the automotive sector of the legal community is a huge business.

Many attorneys, in fact, base their entire practice around dealing with car accident claims. In many cases, fault can be assigned to one of the drivers involved, and the attorney can quickly reach a settlement with the insurance adjuster of the individual at fault to secure a settlement for the Plaintiff.

The car accident business can also extend beyond the civil sector into the criminal sector. Criminal charges can be pressed against individuals who are driving illegitimately, such as under the influence, or on a suspended license. Car accidents, by their very nature, are complex and variable. Different attorneys handle different aspects of car accident law.

What Should I Do If I’ve Been In A Car Accident?

People who have been in car accidents often find themselves in a very confusing situation, full of hospital bills, insurance inquiries, and the like. If you have been involved in a car accident, your first priority must be you. Make sure that you document everything possible regarding the accident: photographs, documents, invoices, hospital bills, etc. While compiling all of this documentation, contact an attorney that you trust to help guide you through the rest of the process. They can aid you in ensuring that you secure the money that you are due, and that your injuries receive justice.

If you are hurting for money while waiting for your lawsuit to settle, however, you should not hesitate to contact the experts at Case Funding. Our team of professionals works in the field of legal funding, and we extend aid to Plaintiffs in need who are strapped for cash during the processing of their legal claims.

How can Case Funding help me or my attorney?

We help level the playing field by providing lawsuit funding for you or your attorney to compete effectively against insurance companies, large corporations, and other deep-pocketed defendants.

How is Case Funding different for Plaintiffs?

Non-recourse funding is different than a lawsuit loan. Unlike loans, advances don’t require you to put up collateral; you don’t need good credit; and if you lose your case, you pay nothing and owe us nothing! We give you money based only on the strength of your lawsuit, because our lawsuit funding is repaid only if you win money from your case. While your case is pending, you do not owe any installment or interest payments. You pay nothing until your lawsuit resolves.

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Case Funding is a leading direct provider of innovative non-recourse funding solutions for plaintiffs who have pending lawsuits and pressing financial needs.

Our Services

Case Funding’s programs provide plaintiffs with short-term financing by advancing money against the future proceeds of lawsuits. Case Funding minimizes financial pressures on plaintiffs until a fair settlement can be reached.

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