Legal Financing Expands for the Medtronic Inc. Infuse Bone Graft

case funding now accepts medtronic inc cases

Financing programs have been officially launched for the Medtronic Inc. Infuse Bone Graft for attorney loans and plaintiff advances related to Medtronic Infuse cases.

Last week Case Funding announced that Medtronic Inc. Sprint Fidelis cases would be considered as well as part of our funding expansion. The Medtronics Infuse Bone Graft is a device used primarily in certain spinal surgeries and is intended to foster bone growth.  The product received FDA approval in 2002, but only for use with anterior lumbar fusion surgeries.  In 2004, it was approved for use with Tibia repairs, and in 2007 approved for use with certain dental procedures.

Over the last several years, Medtronics has faced numerous allegations, even from the Department of Justice, suggesting that Medtronics violated the False Claims Act.  It has been alleged, and so much as reported in the “Spine Journal” that Medtronic’s was paying various Doctors to right favorable post-market studies. Medtronics settled an action brought by the DOJ this past Summer for $23.5 Milllion.

One of the more pressing concerns with the Infuse is the allegation that Medtronics marketed the device for off-label use in other spinal surgeries, for which the FDA had never approved. One of the more egregious examples is that of a California women who had the device implanted in her neck.  Within days of the surgery, the women’s neck swelled and caused her breathing problems.  She ultimately slipped into a vegetative state and died.  According to reports, the family of the women stated that sales representative from Medtronic’s was present in the operating room and so much as recommended the device be placed in her neck (Nisbet et al. v. Medtronic Inc. et al., case number 8:08-cv-01361, in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California). There is some research that suggests Medtronics withheld information pertaining to the side effects and damages involved with the Infuse product.

Given the unique injuries suffered by so many plaintiffs, a class action is unlikely to be seen.  However, it appears to be a matter of time before some consolidated action is taken, likely in the form of a Multi District Litigation (MDL).  It remains unseen as to how Medtronics will handle these claims, given the intense public scrutiny they are currently under by the Senate Finance Committee, who is investigating alleged kickbacks given to Doctors who were supposed to research the products efficiency and side effects.  Such side effects are now known to include several types of cancer, uncontrolled bone growth, cysts, nerve/bone injuries and even sterility in men.

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