Legal Funding Specialist and Law Firm Finance Specialists

Case Funding, the legal funding specialist, is the only litigation funding company uniquely positioned to offer a full suite of legal financing products to Attorneys and Law Firms who work on contingency fee basis. For over ten years. Case Funding has been providing law firms, from sole practitioners to mid and large-size firms working capital loans to pay for case and trial costs, marketing initiatives and improve cash flow overall.

Use a Legal Funding Specialist for Better Cash Flow Management

We understand the uncertainty and unpredictability of the timing of cash flow and work with you to custom tailor a loan to meet your unique needs. Case Funding places significant importance on the value of your firm’s greatest assets – your cases and the fees they will generate. Unlike a bank, we are able to fully consider the true value of your portfolio of cases and create a funding package that’s appropriate for your short and long term needs. Equally important are our repayment terms, which allow you to repay the loan as you settle cases and receive your fees.

Financial Resource Management for Lawyers

Our goal is to provide you with the financial resources you need to maximize your cases for you and your clients grow your firm and prosper. Case Funding operates to the highest ethical and business standards.


Our One Stop Shop of Litigation Finance Programs

Law Firm Loan Programs
Fast TrackWorking Capital
Amount Range: $25,000 – $50,000
Our fast-track, low-doc ACE loans were designed for Attorneys who need financing options when facing a cash crunch. An excellent financing program for unexpected case costs, while the funds may be used for any law firm related needs, many ACE borrowers use funds for:Expert Witness Fees | Case/Trial Exhibits | Filing Fees | and Other Standard Case Costs
Amount Range: $50,000 – $2 million
There are no restrictions on how funds can be used to support your business. Loan amount is based on several factors including: the fees that the firm is expected to generate, the financial strength of the firm and the credit profile of its principals. Working Capital Borrowers use funds for:
Case Costs | Marketing & Lead Gen Programs | Law Firm Expansion | and More
Medical Funding Programs
Medical LiensMedical Advance
This program secures current and future treatments for plaintiffs including: Medical Evaluations | Specialist Visits | Surgical Care | Rehabilitative Care | and Other Treatments. Medical Lien purchasing eliminates the provider’s financial interest in the case – allowing them to present stronger testimony. Attorneys are also able to effectively present the true extent of their uninsured or under-insured plaintiff’s injuries at court by helping them to secure the care they need.
An evolution of the traditional plaintiff advance, Case Funding coordinates with and distributes funds directly to various Medical Providers, providing funds quickly and efficiently.
Plaintiff Advance Programs
Plaintiff AdvanceLawsuit Loan
Case Funding offers presettlement cash advances to qualified personal injury victims involved in a lawsuit. We offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry and fund many types of cases. Our cash advances have no upfront fees, no credit checks or monthly payments. All advances are completely non-recourse.
Case Funding is one of very few lenders licensed to offer presettlement lawsuit loans to Illinois plaintiffs. Illinois Lawsuit Loans have been structured to benefit plaintiffs in much the same way as plaintiff advances offered in other states do. Illinois lawsuit loans include: Interest with a Defer Option | Monthly Payments with a Defer Option