Medical & Surgical Funding for Plaintiffs: TVM & TBI Case Studies

Plaintiff medical funding is a valuable resource attorneys can offer their clients as a way to finance their medical care while the legal team prosecutes the client’s case. Case Funding provides many services that can help your un/under insured clients access the medical and surgical care they need at any stage of the litigation. Common medical funding scenarios include:

    • The plaintiff is looking to finance the costs of medical treatment, rehab or a surgical procedureWe can fund the medical provider directly through an advance to the client or purchase the medical lien.
    • The plaintiff is in need of an examination to confirm defect with a product or a recommendation for revision surgery: We can offer a small advance to cover that medical cost. Based upon that examination, we can further consider funding the revision surgery. (We can provide names of doctors we work with in their area although we are happy to work with the client’s current medical providers.) We have also funded travel and living expenses for the patient and a family member for specialized care.

Contact Case Funding today at (888) 248-2866 to discuss a Medical Funding solution or have you client call us directly.  Read more about Medical Funding in action:

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TBI Medical Funding Case Study: A MVA victim is able to finance rehabilitative care with medical funding from Case Funding. TVM Screening Guide: See what factors Case Funding looks for when providing medical funding for POP and SUI TVM Cases.
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        Medical Funding Applications:

        Single Lien/LOP Application (For Attorneys & Plaintiffs)
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