Stryker Knee Implant Lawsuits

January 11, 2012, the FDA issued a class II recall of the EIUS, Uni compartmental Knee System manufactured by Stryker Corporation after reports from two National Joint Registries indicated the product had a failure rate much higher than other types of knee implants, resulting in the need for painful revision surgery for many recipients of the knee system.

Previous Problems with Stryker Products – A History of Problems

The FDA first became aware of problems with Stryker products in January 2005 when scores of Stryker knee implant patients reported various serious complications such as extreme pain in the surgical area, squeaky joints, tendency of implant parts to break or chip off, in addition to difficulty in walking. Some patients also suffered bone fractures – many required revision surgery.

In 2007, the FDA sent warning letters to Stryker to correct procedural failures in testing problematic components and documenting risk. In January 2008, Stryker issued a voluntary hip and knee implant recall involving products which were manufactured at the company’s Ireland facility, raising serious concerns about the kind of quality controls employed by the company.

Complications from Stryker Knee Implants

Commonly reported Stryker knee implant complications include joint swelling, redness and/or irritation around the knee, chronic pain, and loss of flexibility. The most serious complications reported were blood clots in the leg veins, infection of the site, loosening of the prosthesis from the bone and nerve damage.

The leading causes of knee implant revision surgery are:

  • Implant loosening
  • Disease progression for 50% of all revisions
  • Procedure-related issues
  • Pain and swelling in the operated knee

Stryker Knee Implant Lawsuit Funding

If you have suffered complications as a result of a Stryker knee implant, you should approach a qualified medical device liability lawyer to discuss your concerns. Stryker knee implant lawsuit funding is available to plaintiffs with strong cases in need of money to pay for medical bills or living expenses while awaiting the outcome of their case.

Can I Borrow to Pay For Stryker Knee Replacement Surgery?

Defective knee replacement recipients can get funding for new knee replacement surgery. They may also have legal recourse against Stryker to recover costs for surgery. Victims should contact their lawyer or a pre-settlement funding company to arrange for funding for surgery.

If I Received a Defective Stryker Knee Can I file a Lawsuit?

We can not offer legal advice. You should contact a lawyer experienced in products liability lawsuits.

Cash Advance for Stryker Knee Replacement Victims

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