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Injuries Covered by Multiple Lawsuits Relating to Mesh Recall Litigation

litigation financing Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Funding   Recall LitgationTransvaginal mesh is a synthetic material that is commonly used to repair a pelvic organ prolapse. This condition results when the pelvic organs fall into the vaginal opening when the pelvic muscles or ligaments fail to prevent this situation from occurring. This mesh device is also used in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI).  While the mesh is very effective in resolving these problems for some, for other women the mesh can cause serious health consequences. Problems with transvaginal mesh are numerous and include side effects that occur during or after the surgery. Some problems include bladder perforation, pelvic bleeding and pelvic hemorrhage. Some women may experience pain during sex, vaginal discharge or infection. Other serious consequences include urinary incontinence, bowel problems, urinary tract infections and stress incontinence. Some women have required additional surgeries after the prolapse recurred.

Common Mesh Complications

One serious complication with this procedure is erosion. When the device is inserted behind the vaginal wall, it may slowly move around until it enters the vaginal canal. If this condition develops, a woman may develop an infection, bleed or experience severe pain. Her sexual partner may also experience pain during intercourse.

Complications that arise after a mesh surgery are not always readily noticeable. Some complications may not arise until over a year after the operation takes place. The Federal Drug Administration is well aware of the various complications that the mesh surgery includes. The FDA issued a warning in 2008 after receiving thousands of complaints regarding the mesh device.  The FDA released another warning in July, 2011 and changed the occurrence of complications associated with the mesh from its former rating of “rare” to “not rare.” The number of complaints regarding the mesh device tripled between the time of the first warning and the time of the second warning.

Several manufacturers, including American Medical Systems, Boston Scientific Corporation, C.R. Bard, Johnson and Johnson, Caldera, Covidien, Ethicon (part of Johnson & Johnson), Mentor Corporation, Sofradim and  Composix, maker of the  Kugel mesh patch, market the mesh that is associated with these complications. Various types of mesh are commonly referred to as pelvic mesh, vaginal mesh, and bladder slings. Thousands of lawsuits were pending against numerous manufacturers of the mesh as of September, 2012. Lawsuits may also be lodged against the healthcare provider, depending on the circumstances of the case. Many lawsuits are based on the premise that the manufacturers should have completed more testing on the product before releasing it to the public. Other victims report that they were not informed of the potential complications of permitting the installation of the device prior to their surgery.

An experienced attorney can objectively evaluate your claim and advise you as to the next step you should take in the litigation process. He or she can also advise you of the potential value of your claim and whether you should accept a settlement offer or if you should proceed to trial. If you have suffered complications after having trans vaginal mesh inserted, contact an experienced attorney who can provide you with sound legal advice and protect your legal rights.

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